Digital Diagnostics

We work with the latest techniques and innovative treatments. X-ray and computer-aided 3D visualisations yield exact information on the jaw in terms of bone substance and volume. The eventual result can be depicted though digital simulations and help deciding for or against a certain procedure for the individual patient. Thorough diagnostics helps us in planning the therapeutic measures to be taken. It aids significantly in reducing complications.

One-dimensional x-ray pictures yield only very limited information on both form and quality of the bone. 3D Computer tomographies (CT) yield much better illustrations, which are only surpassed by the images obtained through the digital volume sectional image technique (DVS).
Modern dentistry has benefited to a very high extent from 3D techniques. They offer information on bone availability, bone structure and the surrounding anatomic conditions. The courses of nerves within the maxillary sinus can be depicted in detail. In this way, the causes of discomforts can be analysed and located in a more efficient manner. Another advantage of the digital volume sectional image technique in contrast to the conventional CT is the low radiation burden it produces on the patient.

Hours of operation

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